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Make a call with a classic design

At a Glance

Design: High-quality casing
Keys: Textured pressing point
Color display: high-contrast and easy to read
Camera: included
Charging unit: included
microSD: memory card slot

The new emporiaECO

The emporiaECO clearly focuses on simply making phone calls and writing text messages. The phone is extremely ergonomic to hold and can be relied on as a mobile companion both at home and when you are out. The large charging unit, which has a high-gloss finish, provides the device with a place where it can be kept when you are at home and charges it in preparation for usage.



The emporiaECO allows you to send and receive text messages very easily. Extra-large keys with a raised pressing point make it easier to make calls and write text messages.

Thanks to the adjustable character size feature, text on the display can also be made larger or smaller so that you can read it comfortably. Up to 300 contacts can be stored in the phone book.

The phone is equipped with an emergency button on the back. Pressing this button will automatically call all your emergency contacts until the call answered. The tried-and-tested emporia emergency call feature ensures that emergency calls never simply go through to contacts' voice mail.

The phone has a camera, which allows you to take quick snapshots. The storage space for the camera can be increased with an SD card.

The phone also has a built-in radio. Thanks to an internal antenna, the radio can be used at home when the phone is on the table charging unit.:


product information

Call for Care button
Colour screen
Phone book entries
Desktop Charger
Key features

Farbdisplay, Kamera, Radio

320x240 Pixel
MicroSD card
124 x 48 x 12.5 mm