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More empathy

Finding ways to gain better understanding of our customers and make their daily lives easier.

More comfort

Practical features and clever details are what make emporia mobile phones so unique.

More dialogue

emporia develops its mobile phones by listening to the needs of its customers.

More security

emporia mobile phones offer greater flexibility and independence.

Working together to get results

emporia develops mobile phones both for its customers and with them. Every product it puts on the market must meet strict quality standards, offer outstanding user comfort, and embody the emporia policy of providing simple telephony for everyone. This is both demanding and challenging and is best achieved by talking directly to the product users.


For this reason, the R&D department at emporia works in close collaboration with product testers in the target group who provide valuable, constructive feedback for the development of the devices. Furthermore, the department organises workshops and special mobile phone courses at adult education centres, as well as professional conventions and ideas competitions centred on “mobile communication of the future”.


All the findings are analysed and evaluated in collaboration with partners at the Johannes-Kepler University of Linz, the University of Cambridge, the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences and the Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences, and then incorporated into the product development cycle.


Tested and given a 5-star rating.

The end result is mobile phones that are perfectly attuned to the needs of the customers. Take the screens, for example: their maximum width, high-contrast display and the on-screen font specially designed for emporia make text very easy to read.


The keypads feature large keys that have a clearly identifiable pressure point and provide an audible click when pressed. emporia uses components from the field of mechanical engineering for the precise generation of this sound. Another clever innovation is the keypad lock function. Instead of using a complex key combination, emporia mobile phones boast a dedicated button for locking and unlocking the keypad.


Customers are also treated to first-class features when it comes to sound and loudspeakers, ergonomics and menu navigation. These include hearing aid compatible loudspeakers, a flashing signal to indicate incoming calls, external side buttons for accessing basic functions and simple, intuitive menu navigation. Another highlight is the pop-up help that automatically appears on the display if the user delays for longer over an individual menu item.


Given all this innovation it’s hardly surprising that the emporia handsets have received a number of design and usability awards like the “Plus X Award”, the iF Design Award in gold and the Universal Design Award Consumer Favorite.