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Stylish and Safe Phone Calls Made Easy

At a Glance

Design: high quality housing
emporia emergency call function: up to five numbers available
Voice output: converts input to sound
Bluetooth: wireless connection possible

The New emporiaELEGANCEplus

The new ELEGANCEplus offers more than clean, attractive design and intuitive operation: its unique emporia emergency call function, for instance, provides additional safety. There is also a radio function for more variety. And let‘s not forget voice output, which makes input easier.



emporia‘s emergency call function makes you feel safe and ensures that up to five pre-programmed numbers are called automatically at the push of a button.

Bluetooth provides ELEGANCEplus with wireless connection to other devices, such as the hands-free system of your car.

ELEGANCEplus is equipped with a hands-free function. It allows people around you to listen to your call on the phone’s speakers. Voice output converts keyed in phone numbers, or functions, to spoken voice, and also tells the time.

Thanks to a variety of polyphonic ring tones, the extra powerful vibration alarm and an additional flashing light you never miss a call. With the FM-Radio you always carry your favourite entertainment with you.

The phone book provides storage space for 100 numbers; your most important top 5 are stored right at the beginning.ELEGANCEplus lets you receive and send SMS without complications, and you can save up to 100 SMS. Side keys make the SMS function easily accessible.

Extra large keys mit good pressure points make phoning and writing SMS easy.

The reminder and alarm function, which is also accessible via side keys, is a dependable reminder of appointments and birthdays. The built-in flashlight (LED) and the calculator also come in handy.

With its adjustable earpiece volume and hearing aid compatible speakers, ELEGANCEplus delivers especially high audio quality.

Adjustable font sizes let you enlarge or reduce display font sizes for comfortable reading.


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Key features

voice output, Bluetooth

109 x 50 x 14 mm