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Mobile World Congress 2014 

Variety that connects generations

Variety that connects generations.


Experience the newest highlights by emporia at the Mobile World Congress.


emporia is the leader in technology that makes communication easier for older generations. We’ll be presenting to you our latest achievements in research and development at the Mobile World Congress, where the technology of the future is on display today.


This year, emporia is spotlighting variety to go along with its principle of simplicity. On the one hand variety means more models to choose from - models made not only with our specific clientele in mind, but which also adhere to industry standards and have therefore been equipped with a micro USB port.


New apps for mobile phones and tablets

With variety we also mean the development of new, user-friendlier apps for mobile phones and tablets that both connect and assist generations.


We’ll also be introducing new hardware accessories in Barcelona, such as the emporia CONNECTOR. You can get a sneak preview of it here in this invitation! The emporia CONNECTOR is a charging cable with a special applicator that makes recharging mobile phones that much easier.


We look forward to seeing you in Hall CS 80 of Congress Square!


Come and see us at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: Hall CS 80 of Congress Square!

Mobile World Congress 2013 

Connecting generations

Discover emporia Telecom’s latest products and services which bring generations closer together through better communications.


At Mobile World Congress, we see lots of brand new technology, most of which is not simple or straightforward. It can be a lot to take in. Ask yourself this: how many times have your parents asked for help when using the latest gadget?


emporia helps everyone feel more included in modern communications by ensuring simplicity comes first.


As smart as needed, as simple as possible.


This was the idea behind creating emporia’s latest mobile phone – emporiaCONNECT Working closely with the University of Cambridge, emporia has designed a phone that is incredibly easy to use. emporiaCONNECT features a large high-resolution display and a high quality camera, but what makes it really stand out is the way it works with other family member’s smartphones.This unique multi-generational approach is a great new way for families to share the moments they love with the older generation through their mobile phone.


Come by the booth in Hall3/C124, and see how communication can reconnect the

generations. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Mobile World Congress 2012 

In 2012, emporia will once again attend the world’s largest trade fair for the mobile communications industry. Visit us from February 27th til March 1st in hall 8 at booth A139 to see the whole portfolio and all the new products from emporia.

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emporia nominated for Global Mobile Award 2012  

LIFEplus shortlisted in the category of Best feature phone

The GSMA has shortlisted the emporiaLIFEplus in the category of Best Featurephone or entry level phone. Emporia LifePlus is an easy to use mobile phone which introduces emporia's ground breaking emergency alert functionality, accessible with the push of just one button, and which can now be seen in the next generation of handsets to be shown at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year including the ELEGANCEplus, SOLIDplus and CLICK.

See all the nominees here

emporia at 2012 CES 

Introducing new easy-to-use mobile phones

For the first time in emporia’s 20 year history, the company will exhibit at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to unveil what’s next in easy-to-use mobile products and services for multiple generations of the family.  

emporia will showcase its high-quality products designed for first-time mobile phone consumers–from kids to seniors–and share more about its exciting expansion into new markets, beyond the 30 countries in which Emporia is currently represented.

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emporiaĺs new Advisory Board 

In Vienna emporia’s new Advisory Board was officially presented to the public.

With this team of specialist advisors the company is aiming to be fully prepared for future success. 


The Advisory Board includes Dr. Robert Bauer of the University of Linz, Prof. John Clarkson Director of the Institute for Engineering Design at the University of Cambridge and Dr. Boris Nemsic. These experts each cover different areas of emporia’s business.


Robert Bauer is an expert in organizational development. John Clarkson is one of the leading academics in the field of inclusive design and product development. Boris Nemsic has years of experience working with and for mobile network operators and will help get emporia ready for further growth. The new Advisory Board, chaired by Albert Fellner, enables the company to prepare for future challenges.

Mobile World Congress 2011 

In 2011, emporia once again attended the world’s largest trade fair for the mobile communications industry. Some 60,000 people attended the fair at the Montjuïc exhibition grounds in Barcelona from February 14 to 17, where they had the opportunity to discover our entire product range.


In addition to the emporiaELEGANCE, which has won the iF Product Design Award 2011 and the Plus X Award, we showcased a new design highlight: the universal emporiaESSENCE, which features excellent ease of use and handy innovations that make communication even easier for the more senior generation.


Close to the customer 

What's a pin-code? Why do I need a SIM-card? How do I write an SMS? What should I do if my prepaid card is empty? What happens if the battery is empty? Modern technology opens a lot of questions that might make you insecure. emporia wants to give you more advice and confidence around new technology.


The setting of the competition "einfach telefonieren" in Germany, Austria and Switzerland was unique. For the first time ever people with live experience over the age of 50 were asked to present and discuss their ideas online. A high-class jury picked the best ideas. We will follow up with competitions in other countries shortly.

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