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Our multimedia section is a treasure trove of exciting video and audio recordings, where you can find out more about emporia and its products. From films and special campaigns to TV commercials, radio clips and podcasts - you can access everything online from the comfort of your PC. So why not sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


emporiaME - Active Calendar  

The emporiaME active calendar simplifies the making and sharing of appointments. An invitation for coffee or an important doctor's appointment can be sent to the emporiaCONNECT, where it can be accepted or declined.

emporiaME - Photo Sharing  

Transferring images onto emporia devices is now child's play with emporiaME photo sharing. Activating the photo stream function enables users to enjoy a real-time slide show of holiday snaps or pictures of a loved one.

emporiaME - communication between devices  

Share your telephone directory. With emporiaME transferring phonebook entries onto emporia devices is now child's play.

emporiaCLICK - Simplify your communication  

The emporiaCLICK is the all-rounder amongst emporia's mobile phones. Not only does it boast large keys that are especially easy to press, an easy-to-read color display with adjustable character size and extra powerful speakers -- this flip design phone also comes with a built-in camera and the emporia emergency call function.

Video Statement Albert Fellner 

Albert Fellner on the success story emporia.

Making phones easier to use: Views from consumers 

Watch consumers say what they really need in a mobile phone during the Communications Consumer Panel 2011.

emporia TV-Spot 

You know best what you really need. Just like this gentleman in the shop.

emporia Flashmob 

What is the Gotthilf Fischer Choir doing at IFA? Have a look for yourself.